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Two Blue Drones + Digital

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Certified and Insured

Two Blue Drones + Digital is FAA Part 107 Certified and insured. This includes approval for night flights and access to many areas hobbyist operators cannot fly in. 

Digital Capture

  • On Set Digital Techs

  • Camera Expertise

  • Digital EQ Rentals

  • Harddrive and Backup Managment

Flying Tripod

Two Blue Drones + Digital does not provide just any drone, we provide a flying tripod. We're one of the few drone operators with commercial photography experience that caters to the needs of commercial photography clients and photographers. We get you. 

Digital Workflows

  • Digital Workflow Solutions

  • Capture One Instruction

  • File + Naming Solutions

  • Studio Management

  • Digital Organization

  • Ecommerce Solutions

Sony Airpeak

Two Blue Drones + Digital works with the most sophisticated and advanced photography drone on the market, the Sony Airpeak.  We fly the Sony A1 or A7RV with pro lenses from 16mm - 100mm. This changes everything you know about drone imaging.

Find Crew

  • Find Crew with The Directory

  • Crew Placement and Hiring

  • Digital Techs

  • Photo Assistants

  • PAs

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Why TBD+Digital?

Why Two Blue Drones + Digital?

Precision and Repetition.


Two Blue Drones + Digital will always get your shot done the right way, every time. Why? Sam Cornwall has been serving premier photographers and brands as a digital tech, lighting director, photo assistant and photographer since 2007. Now, Sam is expanding his services into Two Blue Drones + Digital to better serve his clients and the ever-evolving photo industry. Sam brings 15 years of on-set experience working with top clientele in a wide variety of locales and settings. While Sam has been flying drones since 2014, drone cameras haven't been ready for primetime until now. Two Blue Drones + Digital flies the cutting-edge Sony Airpeak and the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine that can, exclusively, handle the rigors and precise demands of your professional photoshoot.  


Ask Us Anything

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Digital Capture

Digital Capture Services

Digital capture services offered include: on-set Digital Techs, digital EQ rentals, lighting direction, photo crew hiring and placement, digital workflow solutions, Capture One instruction, improving file and naming workflows, archiving, data organization, and on-set time management consulting. Two Blue Drones + Digital is backed by 15 years of on-set experience with top photographers and clients like, Amazon, Annie Leibowitz, Chase Bank, Concept Arts, Droga5, Four Seasons, GoPro, Havas, Honda,, Industrial Color, Kenneth Willardt, Mark Seliger, Milk, Nike, Pzifer, Sandro Miller, Smashbox, Visa, W+K and Yoshihiro Makino.

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